We’re thrilled to invest and work with technology companies dedicated to fundamentally changing the maritime industry.

The companies we support share our conviction that technological innovation is the only way that maritime shipping will continue to grow in harmony with the environment, while still maintaining its competitiveness. We’re humbled by their dedication to fundamentally change the industry and ultimately reshape a key part of the global economy.

Projects Overview


What if we could capture Co2 emissions right from a vessel’s exhaust funnel? Seabound has built a novel and cost effective carbon capture device for shipping.

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Blue Dot Change

What if we could capture and eliminate methane from thin air? Blue Dot Change is developing new technology to reduce climate change through the eradication of methane from the atmosphere.

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Alicia Bots

What if we could clean a vessel's hull continuously as it sails? Alicia Bots has developed autonomous magnetic crawler robots that reduce biofouling-induced friction, enhancing fuel efficiency and cutting down carbon emissions.

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What if we could offer all aspiring seafarers, fair and level access to the industry? TURTLE enables shipping companies to engage in compliant and diverse sourcing practices, ensuring clean recruitment through a global platform that spans 140+ nationalities and encompasses all genders.

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Work With Us

Whether you’re a founder with a bold idea for the maritime shipping space, an industry partner that’s similarly looking for solutions to the industry’s long-standing problems, or just a like mind that wants to connect, we’d love to speak with you.

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