lomarlabs catalyses the deployment of deep-tech solutions that can help solve the maritime industry’s biggest challenges.


At lomarlabs we see extraordinary opportunities in maritime innovation. We believe that technological innovation is the only way for maritime shipping to continue growing efficiently and in harmony with the environment, while still maintaining its competitiveness.

The maritime industry touches individuals, communities, and the planet in invisible, yet important ways. Shipping underpins the global economy and both directly and indirectly contributes to the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

90% of goods traded globally travel by sea at some point in their journey  and physics dictates that shipping is the most energy-efficient mode of transport. Yet every year, the industry produces around 1 billion metric tons of CO2 – about 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions. 

With demand for transportation expected to triple by 2050, shipowners and operators are facing strong social and regulatory headwinds when it comes to emission reductions and sustainable practices. At the same time, they are managing ever growing cargo volumes, shrinking labour pools, stricter schedules, higher standards of compliance and working with customers and partners demanding increasingly digitalised supply chains.

These changes spell immense challenges as well as opportunities for any industry – not least for one of the oldest in the world. We find ourselves at the start of a transformational period that will fundamentally change the maritime industry and ultimately reshape a key part of the global economy. lomarlabs aims to play a pivotal part in delivering solutions for a more efficient, effective, and environmentally conscious maritime industry.

Meet Our Team

Our Investment Committee

Stylianos Papageorgiou

Managing Director


Phaedra Chrousos

Chief Strategy Officer

Libra Group

Nicholas Georgiou

Chief Executive Officer

Lomar Shipping

Our Values

  1. Responsibility

    We understand that each move we make in the maritime industry - every action or inaction - now carries with it a planetary and human urgency. We bear that responsibility. We also believe that trust is an indispensable ingredient of successful collaborations and we don't play games with this.

  2. Resilience

    The shipping industry has never been for the faint-hearted. We have acquired collective wisdom and possess the innate grit and tools needed to navigate in the maritime arena. As a result, lomarlabs is able to offer invaluable experience and know-how to help startups attempting to do what others believe is impossible.

  3. Creativity & Collaboration

    We know that the impossible can become possible if we allow ourselves to think outside our accepted paradigm, no matter the application; technology, business or finance. With this, we stand by the fact that truly transformative solutions arise when established, thoughtful industry incumbents and technology innovators meld minds to bring the future closer to the present.

Stylianos Papageorgiou

Originally from a family of entrepreneurs and ship chandlers, his experience in the shipping industry started early in life and took him through diverse positions managing supply, technology, safety, maintenance and compliance of shipping assets. Stylianos has worked closely with ship-owners for more than 15 years, experiencing both market boom and recession conditions, so is well-placed to provide clear, well-balanced guidance on asset technical management. He holds an Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation, and a BEng and an MSc in Marine Technology. He is an environmentally-conscious avid cyclist and sailor who enjoys the outdoors.

Stylianos Papageorgiou

Stylianos is enthusiastic about trying new ideas and catalysing their deployment but keeps his feet firmly on the ground at all times, bridging optimism and creativity with results and realism.

Prior to heading up lomarlabs Stylianos was Lomar Shipping’s Technical Director, through some challenging market cycles from 2015 to 2023, where he was responsible for the operational readiness and performance of the fleet (present and future). He developed his leadership skills managing teams based in London, Bremen and Singapore and covering all aspects of the Technical Department including Crewing, Engineering, Safety, Quality, Compliance and Procurement. Before joining Lomar he was the Technical Manager of Odysea Carriers with whom he had worked for over 10 years. He has also worked with Siemens AG on Innovation Management in Munich and served the Hellenic Navy as a conscript Naval Engineer. He grew up racing Olympic Class Laser sailing dinghies and being a Sea Scout.

He holds an Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation, an MSc & BEng in Marine Technology and is a member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, the Institute of Directors and the Project Management Institute.

Phaedra Chrousos

Phaedra Chrousos is driven by a fundamental belief that technological and scientific innovation can solve some of the generational-defining challenges of the 21st century.

Her beliefs are grounded in her experience as a 2x venture-backed, technology founder and in her role as a political appointee for the Obama Administration. During her time in office, she led and scaled several of the President’s digital initiatives, co-founded and led the Technology Transformation Service as its Commissioner, and co-authored the Act that established the federal government’s $1B Technology Modernization Fund.

Today, Phaedra serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of the Libra Group. In this role, Phaedra is responsible for a broad portfolio of cross-Group initiatives that allows her and her team to work collaboratively across the Group and its subsidiaries. One of her latest mandates is to weave technological innovation into the Group’s platform.

Passionate about paying it forward, Phaedra is an active board member and angel investor.

Phaedra began her career as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and The World Bank. She received a BA from Georgetown University, an MSc with distinction from The London School of Economics, and an MBA with honors from Columbia Business School.

Nicholas Georgiou

With a career in shipping spanning close to 30 years, Nicholas brings extensive expertise in all aspects of ship owning and ship management. Born in London, after completing his BSc degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Operational Research and Economics (S.C.OR.E.) at UCL he began his career in shipping in Greece with Golden Union Shipping of Piraeus in 1995.

Whilst working within various departments ending up in the operations/post-fixture team he concurrently lead the company through implementation and certification of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code which was then coming into force. It was during those years that he also qualified as a member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers which he later became a fellow. In 2001, he joined the chartering team and was involved in a variety of commercial negotiations of the company’s drybulk fleet.

In 2010, he returned to London joining Lomar Shipping as COO where he was responsible for all operational, technical and commercial activities. These included the expansion and streamlining of the fleet with numerous acquisitions of second hand vessels and a large fleet renewal program of 43 new buildings.

Promoted to CEO in 2020, he has since led the company through a wave of commercial and creative transformations including launching its newest venture and innovation arm lomarlabs, as Lomar positions itself strategically for the future.

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