Our goal is to add value from day one. We work with deep tech companies to de-risk their technologies through a stage gate process and validate their business models by testing their assumptions.

How we add value

Piloting Transformative Solutions

The Challenge

  • One of the biggest challenges maritime technology companies face is having access to physical infrastructure, such as vessels, to test and showcase new technologies. Modern ships in particular are large, expensive investments that take a long time to build, prohibiting rapid iteration and risky experimentation.

The Solution

  • We work closely with technology companies to provide them access to Lomar Shipping’s diversified fleet of containerships, dry bulk, and tanker vessels so that together we can responsibly test their innovative solutions in a real-time maritime environment.

The Challenge

  • Shipping is a global, multi-stakeholder, regulated industry. Navigating the complexities to understand how to best design a product to fit the customer’s needs is not an easy task.

The Solution

  • We help tech companies fine tune their business models, test their assumptions and refine their value proposition using our industry insight, state of the art business design techniques and ultimately our deep understanding of the end-customer’s perspective.

The Challenge

  • The breakthrough technology that we are looking at often has technical unknowns, which means it can be harder to raise capitalthis is unlike, for example, the more ubiquitous software technology.

The Solution

  • We work closely with technology companies to provide them catalytic funding to execute their first ‘real-world’ pilot on our physical infrastructure. In doing so, we are helping them hit their technical milestones that are critical to raising institutional capital.

The Challenge

  • First mover customers are critical to establishing a product-market fit and hitting commercial milestones.  For deep-tech startups these can be hard to find. 

The Solution

  • We support companies that have successfully piloted their technology solutions through lomarlabs by assisting them with receiving purchase orders from Lomar’s own fleet and helping connect them to additional prospective customers.

Focus Areas

Future of Work


Safety & Security

Common Themes

Energy Efficiency

Alternative Fuels & Electrification

Low-Carbon Economy

Autonomous Shipping

Advanced Materials & Sensors

Work With Us

Whether you’re a founder with a bold idea for the maritime shipping space, an industry partner that’s similarly looking for solutions to the industry’s long-standing problems, or just a like mind that wants to connect, we’d love to speak with you.

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